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PD. Dr. Jörg Linstädter

Deutsches Archäologisches Institut
Kommission für Archäologie Außereuropäischer Kulturen
Wissenschaftlicher Direktor

Dürenstr. 35-37, 53173 Bonn / Germany
Fon: +49-228-997712-0
Fax: +49-228-997712-49


Wichtige Forschungsschwerpunkte

  • Archäologie Afrikas
  • Neolithisierung
  • Landschaftsarchäologie
  • Geoarchäologie



Aktuelle Publikationen

  • Pereira Verdugo, M., Mullin, V.E., Scheu, A., Mattiangeli, V., Daly, K.G., Maisano Delser, P., Hare, A.J., Burger, J., Collins, M.J., Kehati, R., Hesse, P., Fulton, D., Sauer, E.W., Mohaseb, F.A., Davoudi, H., Khazaeli, R., Lhuillier, J., Rapin, C., Ebrahimi, S., Khasanov, M., Farhad Vahidi, S.M., MacHugh, D.E., Ertuğrul, O., Koukouli-Chrysanthaki, C., Sampson, A., Kazantzis, G., Kontopoulos, I., Bulatovic, J., Stojanović, I., Mikdad, A., Benecke, N., Linstädter, J., Sablin, M., Bendrey, R., Gourichon, L., Arbuckle, B.S., Mashkour, M., Orton, D., Kolska Horwitz, L., Teasdale, M.D., Bradley, D.G. (2019) Ancient cattle genomics, origins, and rapid turnover in the Fertile Crescent. Science 365 (6449): 173-176.
  • Bader, G.D., Linstädter, J., Schoeman, A. (2020) Uncovering the late Pleistocene LSA of Mpumalanga province, South Africa. Early results from Iron Pig Rock Shelter. Journal of African Archaeology 18.
  • Dunne, J, Manning, K, Linstädter, J., Mikdad, A, Breeze, P, Hutterer, R, Lehnig, S, Morales, J, Gillard, T, Drake, N, Evershed, R.P (2019) Pots, plants and animals: broad-spectrum subsistence strategies in the Early Neolithic of the Moroccan Rif region, Quaternary International.
  • Potì, A., Gibaja Bao, J.F., Linstädter, J., Mikdad, A., Nami, M., Weniger, G.-Chr. (2019) Iberomaurusian Lithic Assemblages at Ifri El Baroud (North-east Morocco). African Archaeological Review 36,4.
  • Potì, A., Kehl, M., Broich, M., Carrión Marco, Y., Hutterer, R., Jentke, T., Linstädter, J., López-Sáez, J., Mikdad, A., Morales, J., Pérez-Díaz, S., Portillo, M., Schmid, C., Vidal-Matutano, P., & Weniger, G.-C. (2019) Human occupation and environmental change in the western Maghreb during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) and the Last Glacial. New evidence from the Iberomaurusian site Ifri El Baroud (northeast Morocco). Quaternary Science Reviews 220, 87-110.