Prof. Dr. Gerd-Christian Weniger

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Neanderthal Museum

Curriculum Vitae

Date and place of birth: April 27, 1953 in Ledde/Westfalen, Germany.

Education and Degrees

1972 - 1976    University of Münster, Biology, Ethnology and Prehistory
1977 - 1981    University of Tübingen, PhD in Prehistory
1990        Habilitation University of Cologne, venia legendi: Prehistory
1997        Associated Professor of Prehistory, University of Cologne

Academic Appointments

1981 - 1982    Field director of archaeological excavations in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria (Hohle Stein Schambach, Geißenklösterle)
1982 - 1983    Fellow of Römisch-Germanische Kommission
1983 - 1985    Post-doctoral fellow of DFG and Canadian Government (Tübingen, Ottawa and Washington D.C.)
1986 - 1991    Curator of Prehistory at Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (Madrid)
1991 - 1993    Heisenberg Fellow of DFG (Tübingen)
1993 - 1996    Head of the scientific planning group Neanderthal Museum (Mettmann)
1996 - now     Director of the new Neanderthal Museum

Scientific Service

Since 1997    Scientific board, Revista Atlántica-Mediterranea de Prehistoria y Arqueología Social, Cadiz
Since 1999    Corresponding member, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Berlin
Since 2002    Scientific board, Hugo Obermaier- Gesellschaft für Erforschung des Eiszeitalters und der Steinzeit
Since 2005    Secretary general, NESPOS Society e.V.
Since 2006    Scientific board, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urgeschichte, Blaubeuren
Since 2006    Editor, Quartär - International Yearbook for Ice Age and Stone Age Research
2006 -2012    Scientific board, Madrider Mitteilungen, Madrid
Since 2009    Member of the Commission for Archaeology of Non-European Cultures (KAAK), Bonn
Since 2009    Ordinary Member (OM) of the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin.
Since 2009    Speaker Cluster C, Western Mediterranean, CRC 806 “Our Way to Europe”
Since 2009    Chairman Neanderthaler-Gesellschaft e.V.
Since 2010    Scientific board, Museo de la Evolución Humana, Burgos
Since 2012    Coordinator, Ice Age Europe, network of pleistocene people and places

Research Areas

  • The Pleistocene settlement of Europe, the Near East and North Africa
  • Ethno-archaeological research on technology and subsistence of northern hunter-gatherers in the Subarctic and Arctic
  • 3D analysis of objects and rock art
  • Role of museums in modern society


PhD Students

Jens Alvermann

Yvonne Tafelmaier

Viviane Bolin

Maria de Andrés-Herrero

Alessandro Potí




Marcel Bradtmöller

Ines Medved

Andrea Picin (Fuhlrott-Fellow)

Isabell Schmidt

Astrid Slizewski

Priscilla Bayle

Flora Gröning

Career Opportunities for Students

You are looking for an attractive topic? Give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Topics for graduation/thesis

Palaeolithic rock art
Palaeolithic settlement of North Africa
Site catchment analysis/GIS based environmental archaeology
Palaeolithic settlement of Iberia
3D-analysis in palaeolithic archaeology
Cave archaeology
Museum studies

Internships at Neanderthal Museum

Collection work
Exhibition management
Didactical programs
Data base management, NESPOS
3D Scan training of objects, NESPOS

Fuhlrott-Research Fellowship

The Neanderthal Museum Foundation awards this fellowship. The fellowship conduces to the obtainment of a PhD-degree for graduate students. The aim is to promote highly qualified young scientists from the disciplines Palaeolithic Archaeology, Palaeoanthropology or Geoarchaeology. All of these fields mirror the research focus of the eponym Johann Carl Fuhlrott, discoverer of the Neanderthal type fossil.

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